Article review and critique

  1. State the purpose of the study, including the ancillary, corollary, or secondary purpose. This statement is often made in the form of a research question or research hypothesis. Link the purpose to the problem being investigated (a gap of some sort) and the problem to the literature review.
  2. Describe the following:
  3. Most significant prior studies linked to the research
  4. Most compelling idea or significant phenomenon related to the purpose of the research.


  1. If applicable, describe the most significant construct investigated in this study, including their operational definitions.


  1. Describe the research in terms of types suggested by the following dichotomies (with an implied continuum):
  2. Quantitative versus qualitative (or mixed method)
  3. Experimental versus non-intervention
  4. Problem based versus theory based
  5. If applicable, describe the variables used in the research, indicating the independent variable(s) (and levels), dependent variable and attribute variables.
  6. Describe the research design used in the study
  7. Describe the control procedures used by the researches
  8. Describe the sample of research participants
  9. Describe the reliability and validity of the instruments used in the study
  10. Describe the researches attention to alternative hypothesis (rival explanation) e.g. how the extraneous variables and source of bias neutralized?
  11. Summarize the following:
  12. Methods of data analysis
  13. Major findings of the study
  14. Summarize the most important points in the discussion section of the research report, with particular attention to conclusions and implications.


  • Write an additional paragraph about how the study (i.e., the one you analyzed) will assist you in validating and supporting your research problem (which is: Is the new test in social studies cross culturally valid?). For example, you could discuss whether it provides justification for conducting your study or whether it points out deficiencies or shortcomings in existing literature.
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