Exam Essay Questions

Possible Exam Essay Questions

Chapter 9: Compare and contrast the theories of intelligence proposed by Charles Spearman and Louis Thurstone.

Chapter 10: How does behavioral assessment differ from the traditional approach personality assessment approach?

Chapter 12: What is a defense mechanism? Name and describe two defense mechanisms.

Chapter 13: Explain the relationship among the humanistic concepts of real self, ideal self, self-actualization, and conditions of worth.

Chapter 14: Describe the process of exposure therapy. What psychological problem is it usually used to treat? Include key elements or techniques used in this type of therapy.

REMEMBER, REMEMBER, REMEMBER – You must use a citation for each essay response. For example, if you are using information from the text this should appear at the end of your essay response:

Pomerantz, A. M. (2013). Clinical psychology: Science, practice, and culture (3rd edition – DSM-5 Update). Sage Publications.


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