Essay on Joan of Arc

Joan of Arc Essay

For ALL prompts, you must significantly engage with texts from the syllabus as you make your argument. Significant engagement involves using specific aspects of Joan of Arc’s history (and the texts we have used to study that history) to demonstrate specific aspects of the contemporary phenomena that you discuss in your essay.

Simply stating that anti-Hillary Clinton “Lock her up” chants are similar to the “She’s a heretic” accusations that we find in the Joan of Arc testimony is NOT enough. Instead, I want you to explain and analyze *why* these phenomena are (or are not) similar.

What ideological work is at play? What fears are on display? How do we know? And how, specifically, does the historical perspective you have gained from our course reveal aspects of the contemporary that might not be otherwise visible or legible?


Is there a figure comparable to Joan of Arc alive today? Who is this person and why do you categorize her as such?

Saint Joan of Arc



Choose one specific moment or event from U.S. presidential politics during the last four years. Use the history of Joan of Arc to describe and analyze how gender ideology played a key role.

Essay on Frank Crampton and his book “Deep Enough”

Essay on Joan of Arc

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