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Essay on Frank Crampton and his book

Write an Essay on Frank Crampton and his book “Deep Enough”

In your essay, first briefly summarize the life of the writer, relating the big arc of their life as though you were summarizing a movie plot. (In other words, a few key details, but don’t get bogged down.) This part of the essay should be about 2-3 pages.

Next, highlight how they were connected to or involved with mining specifically, and set their personal mining history in the context of broader trends. Do some additional outside research, in either primary or reliable scholarly sources, to help us understand their activities (and don’t forget footnotes for references).

Use at least two more sources.

What history were they a part of? Was this new, or part of older patterns?

How did they think about mining activity? What was their attitude, however complex, toward mining work and mine laborers?

Be sure to take any statements by the memoirist with appropriate caution (or a grain of salt), and interpret their memories as another source to be analyzed. (For example, out-of-date opinions about social groups might be a clue about the part of society from which they came.) They will probably discuss places and/or events with which you are not familiar, and you are strongly encouraged to look them up as you go. Be thoughtful!

The second section should be 3-4 pages, for a total of 5-7 pages.

Link to the book:

Essay on Frank Crampton and his book “Deep Enough”

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