Essay on Fluid Flow

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Fluid Flows Around us

Consider the physical world we live in. Air is all around us. Humans cannot live without air. Air is a fluid. Humans also cannot live without water. Water is a fluid. Our existence on this earth heavily depends on fluids. This assignment is asking you to investigate different fluid flows that we encounter in our everyday life.

These flows can be classified as a) steady, b) unsteady, c) uniform, and d) nonuniform.

Write a 500-word essay summarizing the following:

Identify at least one fluid flow from each of the classifications mentioned above.

Explain why this flow is classified as why is it classified as a) steady, b) unsteady, c) uniform, or d) non-uniform.

Describe where this flow happens, how it happens,

Provide a picture of each flow.

Identify one or more engineering principles that describe that type of flow.

If you find a mathematical formula that models the flow, present it and identify all parameters (symbols) included in the formula. o Why is such fluid flow important in nature?

Use the standard discussed at: to cite the online articles that you find.


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