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The Internal Communication Dilemma

Write an analysis of the problem described in the case study, including your recommendations to solve the organizational dilemma, as well as prepare a communication training exercise outline. You should write the materials as if you were an organizational communication consultant presenting a solution/training to a client. The goal of your paper is to concisely summarize, analyze and solve the case study so that others who may not be familiar with the material can determine its value and learn how to overcome an organizational communication problem.

The written document should generally follow this format:

An introduction that captures the reader’s attention and provides background on the case study – description of the company and situation.
A summary of the problem, as well as an analysis of internal and external contributing factors.
A detailed recommendation of the proposed short-term solution, accounting for all key organizational players.
An analysis of internal and external consequences the organization will face if the solution is not implemented.
A detailed recommendation of the long-term organizational changes that need to be implemented to avoid similar problems.
Implementation of a brief communication training exercise that will improve communication skills related to the problem. The exercise should include audience participation. You must also turn in the training exercise outline.
A conclusion that encourages implementation and change and predicts organizational opportunities.Your persuasive paper must be a minimum of 4 pages and must be formatted in APA style. In addition, include an APA-style reference page with a minimum of three outside references. Reference your observations and suggestions with concepts from the textbook, and/or other research articles. The case study selection should be indicated in the document title.

****PowerPoint Presentation****
Prepare a presentation to pitch your Organizational Communication Client Case Study Project solution/training to a potential client. Summarize your principle findings and suggestions in a 5-7 minute presentation.

Create a PowerPoint presentation that reinforces your oral overview. Include citations and a reference slide at the end of your presentation.

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