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Employee Rights/Safety

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Employee Rights/Safety

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All employees have rights as it relates to OSHA. Employees should comply with occupational safety and health standard rules. Employees who feel threated or that the work environment is unsafe can request an inspection.  Also, as it relates to rights, employees have the right to have citations posted to inform other employees about violations, reasons to have the address discrimination, and the right to ensure that proper documentation was reviewed by the labor department (Solomon, 1988). OSHA is intended to protect workers and educate them about their health and safety rights.

  1. What is OSHA’s impact on safety in U.S. workplaces?

All employers should ensure that the work environment is safe for all employees. As it relates to OSHA, their role is to assure that safety and health are mandated while enforcing standards. Companies should implement principles that would provide training, outreach, and education. OSHA has made a significant impact since the 70’s that includes a consultation program with over 31,000 visits to employers, 39,000 inspections while issuing 85,000 citations for violations, elimination of brown lung disease in the textile industry, and reduced workplace injuries and illness by 4 percent (DOL, n.d.). According to OSHA, workplace fatalities have been cut in half, meaning fewer employees are getting injured or disabled (DOL, n.d.). Construction workers deal with frequent accidents every day due to falls, equipment, and electrical incidents. OSHA has partnered with companies to work onsite to educate individuals about safety programs (DOL, n.d.). Working together with OHSA, employees, and employers could help with improvements nationwide.

  1. What are the disadvantages of OSHA law?

All laws will have some type of disadvantage that employers don’t agree with.  The Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1970 is outdated and should be evaluated with current measures.  All employees are not covered under the law, such as self-employed, independent farmers, and individuals covered under other legislation (Pros and Cons of OSHA, n.d.). Also, OSHA is one hundred percent accident or injury-prone. OSHA should update to the modern world and assist that more standards are met.

  1. What would be the consequences if OSHA were repealed?

Repealing any type of law would have a negative effect.  Individuals have the right to feel safe in a working environment. OSHA provides training to employers and workers. Employers’ primary focus is to maintain a safe, healthy environment while preventing hazardous events. Repealing would allow injures to occur and put employees at risk. Abolishing OSHA encourages employees to do what they want in, which would cause layoffs, causalities, and workers comp cases. If employees need a hard hat to perform duties, they should wear it at all times. Employers’ role plays a significant part, and their actions can influence others.

  1. What recommendations do you have to improve OSHA law or its regulations?

To make OSHA more active, there should be more updated rules to provide an efficient process. OSHA should do more check-ins to ensure employers are following the necessary protocols. Also, providing training leaders would provide up to date rules and regulations. They would also make sure hazardous signs are current and correctly displayed. All employees should know OSHA standards and the importance of reporting injuries.


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