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Free writing prompt

Please respond to each free writing prompt with at least 300 words exploring your thoughts. These free writes may help with two aspects important to your presentation ‘speech’: the beneficial impact of the club/org and a breakdown of a specific event/activity. While these aren’t the only two components to consider when creating your speech (info on the issue, causes, effects may also be present), they are the components that will highlight the importance and value of your organization/club.

Free Write 1:

-How does this issue impact student learning/success? How can the issue interfere or conflict with a student’s ability to succeed? Also consider how the ‘environment’ of a campus, or of the larger college community, may be impacted by the issue.

-Can you give an example (one student’s or school’s story) either from your research or a general ‘hypothetical’ example to support this?:

Free Write 2:

-Explain how an individual club event or activity will ‘work’ -> what is the ‘timeline’ of things that will happen during the event? Try to describe in detail what will happen.

-What will participants gain or learn from the event? What are the potential outcomes or benefits the students will gain? How will the student be ‘transformed’ through the experience?:


Last Updated on March 17, 2020

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