Effectively communicates the personal account research and conclusions in the essay

Task Description

Effectively communicates the personal account research and conclusions in the essay:

In this assignment you are to conduct your own and your community’s resilience readiness to a hypothetical emergency. Imagine that a significant disaster has occurred in your neighbourhood. It could be that your area has been hit by a major earthquake, tornado, cyclone or tsunami – identify which is most likely either from historical records or your own research. In any case, the services to the place where you live (e.g., the power and water) are cut off and the roads in and out of the neighbourhood are not traversable. You hear, via the news from a battery-operated transistor radio, that the whole region has been hit and that no help will be arriving to your neighbourhood for five days.

Step 1:.Your personal resilience at your place of residence. Using the resources you have been reading about in the unit so far, conduct what this would mean for your own well-being and survival for you and the people you live with. (For example, how much food do you have in your cupboards? How will you manage to cook without power? What will you do about water? (400-500 words) Step 2: Your community’s resilience. Using the resources included in the module, conduct an assessment of the resilience in your community. Think about some of the key elements included in the readings and assess your community’s strengths as well as its vulnerabilities (400-500 words). Step 3: Insights. Reflect on what you have conducted. How well do you think your community would manage and what would be needed for it to recover and “build back better”? In particular IDENTIFY THREE IMPROVEMENTS that you need for you and your community to be more resilient in the face of emergencies?(400-500 words).

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FOR these three IMPROVEMENTS You will need to choose:

  •  One physical or physiological improvement,
  •  One psychological improvement
  •  One community/social improvement.

Assessment criteria

Demonstrates understanding and translates ideas about resilience to design home and community emergency preparedness. Applies the tools and analyses the findings about their implications for household and community emergency preparedness. Critically reflects on the findings, identifies and justifies three IMPROVEMENTS that will enhance resilience.Effectively communicates the research and conclusions in the essay.

Links to unit’s intended learning outcomes

Following this task students should have continued to deepen their understanding of the psychology, physiology, sociological and behavioural principles that underpin human responses to emergencies. They will have developed and applied a systematic process to assess their own resilience to a simulated emergency and in doing so, critically reflected on their own preparedness for such an emergency.

Task length

1200-1500 words

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