Economic dimensions of a civil conflict

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Topic: Write about the economic dimensions of a civil conflict.

  • Your essay should also reflect the ideas of at least one of the relevant course readings, which you should reference.
  • This involves some research on a civil conflict and its economic dimensions.

Your objective is to demonstrate that you understand and can apply relevant ideas from the course readings, as well as to clearly explain the case you selected and how it illustrates the reading(s)’s points.

Length: 1200 words, not including bibliography and any endnotes

Citation format:

Guidelines: The paper should be in academic essay form.

  • Provide a brief introductory paragraph, as well as a brief concluding paragraph.
  • Everything should be written in your own words. Do not quote.
  • The body of your paper should provide an explanation of the conflict and its economic dimensions.
  • If you have never written an academic essay, read published essays to get an idea of how to deliver the content of your research.
  • Explain your points: assume the reader has no knowledge of the topic you are writing about.


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