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Global Ecology Of The Family

PBS Website Reflection Paper                               

There are two parts to this reflection assignment.  First, after visiting PBS independent lens:  chose 2 families from the 5 families described in the New Americans website. After reading about the families, compare and contrast them by answering the questions given below. Second, take the quiz from the web site and write your observations about the quiz and the results you got.  The reflection paper should be 3-5 pages long not including the reference sheet.  The paper will include the following:

  1. Use double-spacing, Times New Roman font in 12 pt. Include references at the end of the paper.
  2. Introductory and Concluding Paragraphs
  3. Answer each question. Be succinct in your response. Use one or two paragraphs per question.
  4. Connect the paper to at least 2 Readings: textbook or class articles. (Remember to also reference the PBS website in the reference section). Highlight the concepts in yellow or any visible way to differentiate the concept.
    1. When using the book or any other referenced material, you must reference it using APA style:

Example of a citation within text: 

In an article about family ecology (Bronfenbrenner, 1986, p. 739), it is                      explained that “…” or

Bronfebrenner (1986) explained in an article that family ecology is …

After reading about 2 of the families form the New Americans website, please answer the following questions (You can list the questions before answering them):

  1. How similar or different are the lives of the two families before arriving to the US? How many family members? Language, customs, living conditions?
  2. What were the reasons they left their country? What were they expecting to find in the US?
  3. How were they able to get to the US?
  4. Where did they arrive? What are their living conditions in their new home and country?
  5. How did they adapt to living in the US?
  6. What challenges did they face? What coping methods did they use, if any? Who did they rely on for help?
  7. Outcome of their lives after moving to the US? How different or similar are the experiences of the 2 families?
  8. Applying your major or the career you wish to have in the future, what would you do to help this family adapt to the challenges they are facing?
  9. After taking the quiz, what is your reaction to your score? What did you learn from it?

 Grading Criteria

  1. Complete and comprehensive summary of the families based on the 9 questions (4 points each)- 36 points
  2. Integration of at least 2 concepts form the book or article- 6 points
  3. Citation and referencing in APA style- 4 points
  4. Writing quality (e.g., spelling, grammar, sentence/paragraph construction, clarity and organization)– 4 points
  5. In class Peer Review- 5 points

Total 55

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