Early forms of communication

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How has communication developed from early cave paintings to the letterform to our drop-down menus on Apple Mac?



You will be expected to research early forms of communication such as cave paintings and cuneiform then discuss how the letterform developed throughout history to how we ended up with font families on our drop-down menus.

You will not be expected to discuss every moment of its history rather chose periods that are ground breaking such as Cuneiform, Early Greek alphabet, Gutenberg’s printing press, Wooden letterpress, Bauhaus, bitmap fonts, web fonts.

Chose some typographers that have made notable differences within the letterform such as Garamond, Jenson Caslon, Max Miedinger to David Carson and discuss what is happening today in typography.


On Line resources:


The British Museum – Rosetta Stone/ Cuneiform/Greek alphabet

I Love Typography.com – The history of ABC




Books on type

Check out the library at college




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