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Economics Questions

1. It must be typed, it must be double-spaced, and it must contain at least 500 words (roughly two full pages or more). YOUR NAME MUST BE ON EACH AND EVERY PAGE.

2. It must be spell-checked and grammar-checked. If there are any misspelled words or incorrect homonyms, your paper will receive a “0”. Proof-read your paper before submittal.

3. It must be a SEPARATE WORD ATTACHMENT and emailed to me before.

4. This paper must be footnoted and cited. No plagerism. MLA style preferred. A minimum of three different citations is required. The textbook may be considered for one citation. For information on MLA Style you can use this website:
5. If two or more papers appear as a collaborative effort, the offending students will be called in for further explanation. Make sure that your effort is a solo performance.

It has been argued by previous administrations that American corporations are being reckless in moving their operations overseas. What is the purpose of having their operations elsewhere in the world?
How does comparative advantage apply?
How do tariffs and taxes affect how corporations handle their business?
How do subsidies benefit or harm American corporations?
How does the American corporate tax rate affect the price of goods here in America?
Do corporations need to pay more or less in taxes and why? There have been several proposals to convince corporations to bring their operations back into the U.S. What are these and are these feasible proposals?
Which proposal seems to have the best suggestion and is the most applicable to the country’s current situation?
How would it affect the economy in America?
In general, what is the main goal of corporations and are they objectively pursuing that goal?
How does this goal affect stakeholders and stockholders of the corporation?

Some of your facts can be found in the chapter on International Trade but most should be from outside sources. Please remember that this is not an opinion piece; your discussion must be based on solid economic facts. Research on this topic will be required. Please make sure that you have answered all of the questions. The rubric for grading is based on each of these questions.

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