Diversity in the news

Diversity in the news

You are asked to find a news item related to diversity that was reported no more than 9 days before your due date, summarize it and provide a sociological analysis. Think of diversity as the result of differences between people in terms of their ethnicity, race, nationality, language, age, economic or social class position, physical or mental abilities, religion, gender, or sexual orientation/identity.Introduction (40 to 80 words) which mentions

topic/central idea of your post
source you chose for this post
quality of source
why the information is important or useful
Body (350 to 450 words) which contains

a one-paragraph summary of the main points of the news item, including two short, applicable quotes from the item. A summary should simply report on the contents of the news piece without including your own response to it.
a second paragraph with a sociological analysis which applies at least two different concepts or research findings from course materials to the news item and provides a minimum of two applicable quotes from course readings (with source and page/section numbers indicated)
Make sure to integrate your quotes well by providing transitions for them which explain how they are related to the argument you are making (e.g., Barkan makes a similar point when he states, “…” or The author defines [concept] as “…” This applies to the news item because…). In essence, be explicit about why you are using a particular quote in a particular context.

Conclusion (40 to 80 words) which contains

a brief restatement of the main points of your paper
a closing statement/final thought about the topic

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