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List six possible companies and their cultural/diversity issues. For each possible company, write a paragraph about the company and their cultural/diversity issue. (apx 150 words each paragraphs)

Topic Requirements

  1. Choose a company that has or had a cultural/diversity issue.
  2. Pick a cultural/diversity issue that has publicly available data so that you can find enough references (minimum of five).
  3. Make sure you can articulate the cultural/diversity issue clearly.

Here are some examples:

  • Walmart lack of females in leadership roles.
  • Twitter, Apple, Google all have a lack of diversity (gender and race) in leadership roles. Other tech companies also have the same issues.
  • Detroit Public Schools lack of funds and basic needs being met in schools.
  • Flint Water Crisis issue was left ignored for too long, most likely would not have unfolded the same way if it happened in Birmingham.
  • Abercrombie & Fitch lack of diversity in models, employees, and sizes.
  • Various police departments where people of color have been shot by white officers.
  • Coach store fired an employee after she gained weight.
  • Hooters discriminates against women who do not meet a very strict appearance criterion.


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