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Hospitality marketing-BCG Matrix

Instructions: Following the steps outlined in the class example, create a visually effective BCG matrix for the company, Choice Hotels.

All the data you need is in the class handouts, except for a list of Choice Hotels brands, which can be found on their website ( There are a total of 11 Choice Hotels brands.

Make strategic recommendations for each brand based on where it falls within the BCG matrix. Your report should include the following elements:

1. Classification of Choice Hotels brands and the top competitor by segment. (5 points)
2. Determination of market size for each business segment (see handout). (2 points)
3. Calculation of market share and relative market share (you do not have to show the formula) (2 points)
4. Growth rate by industry segment (see handout) (1 point)
5. References for all sources used. (1 point) **See APA guidelines for how to list an industry report and list the report from Smith Travel Research that was provided to you.
6. A visually appealing BCG matrix, with the axes and quadrants labeled and Choice Hotel brands correctly placed on the matrix based on their values. Make professional-looking tables and charts and be creative with your pictures! ( 10 points)
7. A strategic recommendations for each brand based on where it falls within the matrix, using appropriate strategies that were covered in class. You should have a specific strategy for each brand.( 4 points)


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