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Global health discussion 1

For this assignment, you will conduct a web-search on a current global health issue that interests you. Technically, you will conduct two different web-searches before framing your discussion post that summarizes the global health issue and evaluates the data presented.

Two required web-searches:

  1. Find a recent news article story or video (no more than 1 year old) about a developing/ low to middle -income country on a health issue (disease, illness, medical problem) that interests you and is also relevant to global health.
  2. Find a reliable source that you can cite in your analysis of the news article. We recommend the WHO country data report: or a peer-reviewed article. However, if you find another web source this is ‘ok’ providing you can properly cite the website. For information on how to evaluate a website source, please review the materials in the tutorials in the “What is a scholarly source?” under the Resource Guides from the main course menu.

For your post, summarize the new article by providing the following:

  • Describe the health issue/disease.
  • Describe the country or countries that are most affected.
  • Describe the primary risk factors for the health issue/disease.
  • Describe the steps are currently being taken to prevent the health issue/disease or limit risk factors.
  • Describe why this is a global health issue/disease.

You are expected to provide at least 2 references beyond the newspaper article with your discussion post: two for research and one for the news article. The discussion board post should be written as a five-paragraph essay with an introductory paragraph and a strong thesis. A strong discussion post will also include concepts or information from the course textbook. If you use information from the textbook, make sure to cite in-text and in your reference list.


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