Discussion board, and article critique

In response to this week’s reading assignments, please select 1 of following questions to respond to and discuss with your peers.

1. Describe how the structure of the organization facilitates or impedes communication, flexibility and job satisfaction. Describe components of the informal organizational structure such as employee interpersonal relationships, the formation of primary and secondary groups and group leaders without formal authority. Identify aspects of these within your own organization.

2. Compare/ contrast two of the following: legitimate, reward, coercive, expert, referent, charismatic, self and informational power. Assess your use of power within your professional role or student role. Discuss how you will use strategies to increase your personal power base and also how in turn you will help mobilize the power of nursing.

Leadership Article Critique:(15 points)

Each student is to write a 2-3 page (double spaced) computer generated synopsis of a leadership and management article of interest. The article that you select may be on a topic such as conflict management that you would like to develop further in your professional role. You must submit the article via email attachment along with your critique. The student is expected to summarize and synthesize the major points of the article and how it is relevant to practice.

Addresses the following questions:

What are the key issues in this article?

What questions do/es the author address or raise?

What conclusions can be drawn from the article?

Why did you select this article?

How is it relevant to your needs in the workplace?

Quality of discussion (introduction, body, conclusions)

Clarity, analyses, and syntheses of the leadership concepts

Relevance to practice

Includes a reference list/follows APA format

NB: The first part is just a discussion board, not a paper. write one or two paragraphs respond tone of the questions . please attach reference/s.

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