Command and Management


Assume you are a Fire Team Leader at Full-fledged fire station of ORPIC Logistics Company, Murayrat, Oman.

As shown in the following image there is a fire in the fuel tank marked with and “X” in red colour. The location of the fire station is marked with a Blue Rectangle. (The picture has been uploaded in the attachment)


23.501253, 58.199403’03….

You are required to prepare a debriefing for your superiors, to inform them about the incident and proceedings of the day. The Debrief should include at least the following information.

And the structure of the headlines will be in form of:

– Introduction and background information about the incident

– Actions taken on arrival

– Fire crews & equipment used/dispatched

– Operational procedure conducted to control the incident involving flammable liquid tank fire.

– Incident command chart

– Fire Department Log entry

– Filled Pro forma of Fire Investigation




*** Words counts = 2000 words.

*** In-Text Citations and references using Harvard style.


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