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The Interactional Approach to Community

The Interactional Approach to Community

Discussion Board Instructions

In this Learning Module, you have been learning about the Interactional Approach to Community where the common interests and concerns of local people and places are the center of attention at the community level in order to facilitate understanding of the intersections between individuals and their community.

Thinking about the Interactional Approach and all that it entails, answer the following questions:

1. What different types of technology (name at least 3) have been introduced in American society over the last 10 years that has both created and minimized our sense of community? Provide specific examples of each of these three (3) types of technology, explaining exactly how each has either created or minimized a sense of community.

2. Is technology a barrier to the changing territorial dimensions of your home community? Why or why not? Provide a specific example to demonstrate whether this is true or not true of your home community.

3. In your opinion, what is likely to happen in the future in regards to technology and the creation/displacement of communities? Why do you think this? Provide a specific example to demonstrate why you think this way.

If you choose the Interactional Approach to community development, you will need to complete the following:

Read the Interactional Approach discussion assignment instructions and complete the questions.
In the discussion thread (the comment box, not this document) please be sure to discuss all of the following:
What is your personal opinion of the interactional approach? Do you agree with this approach? Do you think it would be useful? Why or why not?
Do you think you would ever use this approach with a community you are asked to work with? Why or why not?
Provide a specific example of when you think this type of approach would be best to use in a community. Why do you think the interactional approach would be better in this example than the other two types of approaches?

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