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Disaster and Risk Management

  1. Choose an actual, specific hospitality or tourism business, corporate business or Small Medium Enterprise business (that is of interest to you) in a specific location in the world.

Identify a specific disaster. Examples of a disaster: major earthquake, avalanche, landslide, major fire, major flood, tsunami, large rogue wave, hurricane, volcano eruption, lightning strike and resulting fire, serious epidemic outbreak, riot (or very large unruly crowd), or terrorist attack; or

Examine an existing plan and then examine gaps and seek to improve the plan or develop a new risk management plan.

  1. Identify the legal risks of the disaster by examining and analyzing the organization’s operations.
  2. Evaluate the risk of the specific disaster and assess the probability and severity of loss.
  3. Devise a risk management plan that either avoids, eliminates, reduces, transfers or retains the risk.
  4. Advise on how to implement and carry out the plan and also how to monitor and revise the plan. What you are aiming for is a plan that this business could put into place now. Reality check: advice is practical and “do-able” in the real world (putting selves in position of the management team and asking, “would we ‘buy’ the advice you have just been ‘selling’ us?
  5. Incorporate at least TWO [2] suggestions from the Risk Panel presentation.


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