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The Principle of Incident Response and Disaster Recovery

The Principle of Incident Response and Disaster Recovery

Daily business management entails taking several risks in decision-making, which may at times, pose serious threats to the business or turn out to be a blessing in disguise. Threats negatively affect business operations, thus creating the need for any operational manager to come up with a recovery plan in the event of disaster. One business principle that creates better grounds for recovery from a disaster is the incident response and disaster recovery principle.

Incident response and disaster recovery plan comprises of relayed information to members of the staff on how to deal with a disaster after it has occurred. This principle majorly focuses on damage limitation to the business assets as prompt corrective measures are usually sought.

Protection of business assets is paramount, and damage limitation becomes increasingly critical to the business mission and recovery success from the disaster (Mische & Wilkerson, 2016). In it, various definitions of what constitutes an incident are vividly explained, the person responsible for taking charge of the situation after a disaster occurs is mentioned, and also the viable plan of action in reaction to the disaster is outlined.

In coming up with this plan, three phases are usually incorporated. There is the advanced planning and triage phase, running the incident phase and review as the final phase. Advanced planning and triage entail foreshadowing an incident even before it occurs, thus aiding in risk mitigation (Whitman, Mattord & Green, 2013). Triage entails giving precedence and priority to one incident over another due to its more likelihood of occurring.

Running the incident involves running a simulation of the projected incident to establish its potential damage, and the review phase entails assessing the resilience of the current protection standards in place and coming up with countermeasures for the potential threat.

This principle is of utmost importance to any management of a business as it ensures for business continuity after a disaster. It reduces the impact that certain disasters have on business operations. Therefore, it should be the goal of any business manager to have an effective incident response and disaster recovery plan as it is critical to business success. However, threats to business operations constantly change, thus giving rise to the question, how much security is enough?

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