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Decision making and problem solving assignment

Critical Thinking Case studies:

Let us examine the problem faced by Mr. Talal, Regional Manager of MedicoKSA pvt. ltd.,Medico makes and distributes products from more than 15 international pharmaceutical and health care companies. Mr. Talal is responsible for managing existing clients and also to get new clients. He manages a number of  sales representatives. Important customers have a dedicated sales representatives, while other sales representatives try to get new clients.

One day an important customer (Al-Shifa Hospital) called Mr. Talal and complained that Mr. Rashad (the sales representative) was ineffective and insisted he be removed, or else they would not give any business.Al-Shifa Hospital is a major customer and gives good business.

In an internal enquiry, Mr. Talal found that there was was personal differences between Mr. Rashad and the hospital superintendent. The track record of Mr. Rashad was good and he was liked within the company. Mr. Rashsad was star employee and one of the role model for other sales people.

Assignment Question(s):                                                     (Marks 05)


  1. Identify the problem. [and other sub problems]
  2. Main problem: ……………………………………..
  3. Other problems:



  1. What could be the causes of problem?
  2. Cause of the problem- 5 Why Technique
    1. Why-1
    2. Why-2
    3. Why-3
    4. Why-4
    5. Why-5


  1. Develop a Cause and Effect Diagram



  1. Gather information: What information should the you gather that would be helpful to know before making a decision?















  1. Consider the outcome. What would be the results of the decision?












  1. Make the decision. What should the Mr. Talal do?














  1. Evaluate the decision. Why do you think this is the best decision possible?







  1. Talal may face Ethical dilemma in finding solutions. What could be possible ethical issues in the above case.


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