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Database SQL Questions

1- Your friend runs a small, but growing landscaping company. It’s slowly growing difficult to manage, as your friend is using a simple spreadsheet to manage his work. You, inspired by your recent three database classes, decided to tell him that a Database would be a better fit for his business? Why should he use a database? What are the problems that he can have with a list?

2- What is metadata and how is it different than data itself? Please give 5 examples of metadata.

3-What is a DBMS and what’s the difference between a desktop DBMS and an enterprise DBMS?

4- Your company, Acme Incorporated, has decided to not invest in an Enterprise DBMS and just use MS Access for it’s work. You think this is a bad idea, what are the drawbacks for using Access in a large company? Why is an enterprise DBMS better?


Last Updated on September 18, 2019

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