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Critical thinking assignment 750-850 words

Respond to the following questions:

  • How did advertising shape your own food preferences? What do you think about the idea that big food determines what you eat for life? How does that make you feel?
  • You must post your own answer before you can view anyone else’s answers. Remember to follow the Critical Thinking Guidelines (see Discussion One) to be eligible for full credit.

Discussion Requirements

For each chapter of Sustainable Living & Mindful Eating, you will complete a critical thinking assignment.

The assignment is worth 14 points total: 10 for the initial post and 2 points for each reply (total of 2 replies required)

Due dates: your initial post is due Thursday, 11:59PM. Your two replies to classmates are due by Saturday, 11:59PM.

This assignment is a demonstraton that you:

  • Have read the entire chapter
  • Understand the activities
  • Can demonstrate in 550- to 750 words to your instructor that you have done the reading

Please be complete and thorough.

Please spell check and ensure you are using appropriate college-level writing skills. This is an important assignment, so please take it seriously.

Initial Discussion Post Formatting Requirements:

  • The most important information/key concepts we need to understand from this chapter is:
    • How can I use the information in the chapter to help me with my daily mindful eating practice?
    • In what ways will the material learned in this chapter help me manage my mindful eating and stress levels more effectively?
    • What are your thoughts and feedback regarding the information and the activities in this chapter?

This assignment is designed to support the following learning outcomes:

  • Mastery of effective oral and written communication in assignments and classroom discussions.
  • Thoughtfully respond to culturally relevant traditions related to food supply.
  • Perform personal and group critique of readings and class exercises
  • Understand the ways stress impact food choices, and food choices impact stress and food.
  • Identify the long-term consequences of stress on eating habits, and healthful eating.


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