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Literature Review Assignments

Instructions for assignment 1

Write a summary of 300 words of an academic article of your choice.

Articles can be found in this database; ideally, choose one that you can use for Assignment 3, the final essay.

The text should be written in a third-person perspective (e.g. Smith describes/concludes/points out) and should represent the content of the article, without adding your own opinion.

The text should contain no fewer than 270 and no more than 330 words, references excluded.

Hand in here.Upload your text as a .doc/.docx/.odt file; no PDFs please.

Late submissions will not be graded.

There is no resit for this assignment.

This assignment counts as 20% of your final course grade

The text will be graded on the following aspects:linguistic accuracy and range: grammar, vocabulary, punctuation

academic style: appropriate level of formality, use of academic idiom

use of sources: indication and incorporation of sources in the text; use of referencing style; no traces of plagiarism

The main criteria used for assessment are the following:

Assignment requirements: If your text does not meet the assignment requirements outlined above, this can lead to a fail.

Academic style: the text needs to have an appropriate discipline-specific academic style, which shows through the use of quite formal language, an objective perspective, and the use of academic idiom.

Use of sources: sources should be incorporated adequately in the text, according to the referencing style for your discipline, and should be listed accurately in your list of references. Note: the article that you summarize should be in this list of references.

Linguistic accuracy: your text should contain as few errors as possible with respect to grammar, vocabulary, punctuation, and spelling. The mistakes that do occur should not affect comprehensibility.

Instructions for assignment 2

Here are the instructions for Graded Assignment 2, which is due on 1 May, end of the day. Please note that the lecture and seminar materials for week 5 will cover the basic idea for the 3-sentence introduction, so make sure you first look at those materials before you make this assignment.

Write your own 3-sentence introduction, based on the exploration of your topic so far.Use the first sentence to introduce the topic.

Use the second sentence to explain why the topic is relevant or interesting.

Use the third sentence to indicate what you want to say about the topic. There are three forms you can use:Thesis: There are three main reasons why teenagers use Facebook.

Statement of aims: This paper reviews/describes/examines why teenagers use Facebook.

Question: Why do teenagers use Facebook?

Include a bibliography, according to IEEE or Harvard style, with the articles (at least 3) that you want to use for the final assignment.for instructions on Harvard, see: (Links to an external site.) 

for instructions on IEEE, see (Links to an external site.)


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