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Consumer Behavior PowerPoint Presentation

Final assessment


Video/ Audio recording


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DescriptionYou are required to develop a Consumer Behavior Presentation for the Managing Director of a Brand & Product Line/Model of your choice which outlines the key consumer behavior related issues faced by the company. Your report will cover the following:

1. Situation Analysis of the Company & Product

2. Selected Target Market Profile

FormatThis activity must meet the following formatting requirements:

· Font size 12

· Double-spaced

· Video Recording Presentation – Max. 5 minutes)

· Harvard Referencing System (If in text- citations)

3.Description of Target Market Decision Making Process
4.Personal & Social Influences on Buying Behaviour
5.Psychological Influences on Buying Behaviour
6. Marketing Strategy Recommendations
Goal(s)Demonstrate a good understanding of Key concepts delivered in class.Due dateDate: 10 May 2021

Time: 23:59 CEST

Weight towards final gradeThis activity has a weight of 60% towards the final grade.


Learning outcomes· Evaluate the different perspectives that characterize the study of consumer behavior.

· Apply theories and models of consumer behavior to the formulation of effective marketing strategy, sales and retail strategies, for marketing or consumer management;

· Understand the processes that guide consumer perceptions, attitudes, learning & memory nd choices and behaviour.

Assessment criteria


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