Construction Estimating

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Exam I Review

Estimating is:

Most common delivery systems and their diagrams:

What are the Contract Documents in the correct order?

What are the most common types of contracts?

Define the following payment types:


Progress Payments –


Retention –


Schedule of Values –

Draw a diagram explaining Bonding& Insurance:


Identify a few examples for the following components of a detailed estimate:


Direct Cost –



Indirect Job Costs –


Overhead/Markup –


Define the following components of Income Statement, Balance Sheets, Cash Flow


Revenue and Expenses –


Assets, Liabilities, & Equity –


Costs & Payments –



Memorize this formula: Time Value Money




Cash Flow


Complete the table



What affects labor productivity?


A crew of 3 masons and 1 laborer work 8 hours a day for 3 days and 10 hours a day for 2 days in one workweek.  During this time the crew has performed at a rate of 0.186 LH/sf of wall.  A mason makes $34.25 per hour and a laborer makes $25.60 per hour.  The local labor laws dictate overtime pay at time and a half after 8 hours have been worked in a given day.  What is the labor cost per sf of wall?




Three types of excavation quantities and how they relate:





Bring the Entire Site to 26’.  Use the grid method to find the volume of earth required to cut or fill.  Also give the amount of haul (in or out) in terms of trucks needed if 1 truck can haul 12 CY and make 18 trips per day.  You have 4 days to complete the project.




List a few types of foundations and how they affect an estimate


Shallow –





Deep –





What is the most expensive component of concrete construction?




Find the volume of concrete, sfca of formwork, and tons of rebar for the 4” slab below (#3 = 0.367 lb/lf and #4 = 0.668 lb/lf):





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