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Cybersecurity analysis, assessments, and solutions

You are a Cybersecurity firm that provides cybersecurity analysis, assessments, and solutions for clients. You need to develop a policy manual for your employees to use as it relates to how they work with clients. What should be the key components of this manual and what are the risks associated with the development and use of the manual ?


For your chosen or assigned topic, write an 8-page paper that must include all the following:

Discuss the strengths/weakness of the topic and possible improvements.

Discuss what you have learned from this assignment and how you will apply it moving forward in your career.

Use at least one NIST resource as a reference.

Use a minimum of 10 peer-reviewed resources.

APA format; Times New Roman 12-point font, Double-spaced.

The title page and reference page do not count towards your 8-page minimum.


A 5-minute class presentation of your paper.If you go longer than 6 minutes you will be stopped.

A minimum of 10 slides.

The title slide and reference slide do not count towards your 10-slide minimum.

You MUST bring in your own flash drive to class residency weekend

Required Slide Elements:

A title for each slide

A unified theme

Subtle slide animations appropriate for a business/academic environment

At least one SmartArt diagram

Reference slide(s) using APA format. Place this at the end of your presentation.

Proofread your slides carefully for errors in spelling and grammar. Overall appearance counts. Consider how you can go beyond the project instructions to create an effective and visually pleasing presentation.

Using APA in a PowerPoint presentation works much the same way as in a research paper.

“Direct quotes” (Author/Source Material, Year)

Paraphrase (Author/Source Material, Year)

Clip Art – no citation needed

Personal photos – no citation needed

Images from the Web – assume that all images not your own are copyrighted and should receive credit with a full citation as the caption for the image.

Example: Figure1. Threat Analysis Group (TAG, 2018) Retrieved from

References Slide(s): Provide complete citations as you would any research paper. Include all sources used in your slides or mentioned orally.


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