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Concerns in managing a personal health record

You will be required to prepare a one- to two-page paper for this project in which you will discuss issues with maintaining a personal health record.

Step 1 Examine the situation:

At a small paper factory, Cindy, a 57-year-old single woman, works as a graphic designer. She characterizes herself as being very private and shy.

She is 5′ 8″ tall and 358 lbs in weight. She recently lost her mother, therefore she is really anxious about becoming well.

Type II diabetes, hypertension, and asthma are the illnesses for which she has been given a diagnosis.

She visits a different healthcare provider in a different hospital facility for each problem. However, each institution is a part of a sizable regional healthcare network.

For her problems, Cindy fills five prescriptions at three different pharmacies, each of which is close to one of her healthcare providers.

Her medical data have previously been stored in a box in her closet. She has grown frustrated with how little interaction there is between her providers and how she interacts with them.

Step 2 When you compose your paper, be sure to include your responses to the following queries:

What advantages do patients receive from personal health records (PHRs)?

What worries do patients have regarding personal health records (PHRs)?

What worries do you expect Cindy to have about implementing a PHR?

Do you believe that these worries outweigh the advantages of using a PHR? If not, why not?

How might these obstacles be removed?

Where would Cindy go for advice on implementing a PHR?

How many potential points of failure exist in the overall treatment of this patient given the facts of the situation—many healthcare professionals, numerous prescriptions, multiple pharmacies, and no PHR—in this case? Will a PHR aid in removing any or all of these potential areas of failure?

Cite all sources using the APA style.

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