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For this assignment, you will prepare a concept map  drawing that integrates the four (4) HIT mandates reviewed in your readings.Preparing a concept map with cross-links is one way learners can understand how the HIT mandates relate, and in turn enable a more creative understanding for how to satisfy them, and gain a holistic approach to health care information leadership.Understand several critical HIT mandates from the US federal government, and to understand and communicate their dependencies and relationships.A concept map is a type of graphic organizer used by reviewers to organize and represent knowledge of a subject. Concept maps begin with a main idea (or concept) and then branch out to show how that main idea can be broken down into specific topics.


  1. a) Your concept map will seek to identify relationships between (a) meaningful use, (b) ICD-10, (c) interoperability, and (d) CHPL. All of these are US federal HIT mandates, which would be the top-level box of the concept map. This would then break down to each of the four mandates, and break each one of them down to at least 3 key elements. Then you should decide how the key elements from among the four mandates relate to each other (if at all). You should determine your own linking phrases and words.
  2. b) To prepare your concept map, you can use a computer program such as word, etc, or you can hand draw it and use your cell phone camera to take a picture, and post it.
  3. c) Your delivered file type can be either in JPG, or a PDF format, so it is readable by anyone else in the class.
  4. d) Your concept map can be as small as one 8.5×11 page, drawing of one page word doc

if you  draw it must be readable and legible. However, you should be more concerned with completeness and accuracy (see grading elements below) than with fancy or pretty graphics. There are no “style points”.


Completeness – did you comply with the  requirements and steps?

Accuracy – does your explanation of the legislation fairly and accurately reflect the changes to HIT requirements for healthcare organizations?


Example idea; YouTube video

ICD-10 FAQs; see provided PDF file. Source: 


Certified Health IT Products List (CHPL):

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