Protective Security

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Written Assignment 3

PRO 494 –Written Assignment 3: Comparison Essay

Length: 3-5 pages (not including title page and references page)

Due:  any time prior to the end of Module 3 (by the end of week 6)

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Description:  It is fairly safe to say that when the general public thinks of executive protection operations, they think of the United States Secret Service.  After all, the Presidential Protective Detail (PPD) of the USSS is responsible for the safety and security of our nation’s number one protectee, the President of the United States.  Not surprisingly, the USSS has almost infinite assets at its disposal in terms of budget, equipment, vehicles, technology, personnel, and time.  The ordinary protective security detail on a CEO or company president will not be as fortunate; however, the missions are exactly the same:  see that the principal comes to no harm.

The link below is to a video on YouTube:  “Documentary – Inside the U.S. Secret Service”.  It covers the activities of the USSS for a trip to Baton Rouge by President George W. Bush and provides a lot of details about the Service.  In your essay, identify and describe the elements, concerns, activities, and aspects of protective security and personal traits and characteristics that the members of the PPD and you as a member of a private individual’s protective security detail have in common.  Be as specific and inclusive as you can.

Audience:  Your readers may not be familiar with protective security operations so be sure to fully explain your logic and reasoning behind your decision-making.

Sources:  If you use outside sources to support your analysis, document them with APA style in-text citations and on a references page.  Please use the H-PU Virtual Library to find sources, if appropriate.

Language: Present your paper in a professional, academic way that addresses the designated audience. Your essay will be graded on style as well as content, per established grading rubrics. Your essay should have the proper structure and be free of grammatical, punctuation, spelling, and syntax errors.

Format: Format your paper according to the APA guidelines posted in the course.  Please use the H-PU APA Guidelines for Academic Papers and the APA Example Paper Template (located under Course Resources) to develop your paper.

Student Learning Outcomes

Course Learning Outcomes Addressed Program Learning Outcomes Addressed
 Compare and contrast current and historical methodologies employed by EP specialists to protect their clients and evaluate their effectiveness


SSPM -PLOB1: Recognize various information sources in strategic security and their relationship to security operations.
Utilizing the Executive Protection (EP) specialist’s Code of Ethics, describe the philosophy behind EP and evaluate individual characteristics necessary for success in the protective security industry


SSPM – PLOB4: Synthesize strategic leadership competencies through understandings of cases in the current security environment.


Analyze and evaluate demonstrated protective security operations to identify vulnerabilities and areas for improvement


SSPM- PLOB5: Analyze and evaluate demonstrated protective security operations to effectively communicate vulnerabilities and areas for improvement



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