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Comparing 2 codes and determining the difference

One task a coder has aside from looking up codes is the task of comparing 2 codes and determining the difference in order to identify which code is more appropriate for a given scenario. By now, you have had a couple of coding assignments which have proven to be rather difficult, and may have been off by a root operation, approach or body area.

This extra credit assignment will count for up to 20 coding questions towards your assignment grades.

1. Pick up to 20 coding questions you have had wrong in your past assignments.(Each one correct will be worth upto 1 point EC)

2. Compare your answer to the correct answer for the assignment, and determine the difference between the 2 codes.

3. Identify in the “Essay” section each of the following components :

Identify the assignment # and question # for the code you looked up
Identify both the correct code and the code you selected
Indicate in 1-3 complete sentences, what the difference between the 2 codes are.

*Extra credit applies for accurate answers, so you must take your time to review the 2 codes and compare.
I will not accept word for word code descriptions, you need to show to me that you understand the differences
*** Indicate any disagreement you have with the correct code per Pearson if after review you feel your answer is still correct. You must indicate the reason you disagree, or indicate if there was not enough information.
Please keep your explanations short. I don’t need an anatomical difference necessarily, only the difference between the 2 code options

Example: Let’s say you had Question #9 of Lesson #9 wrong. You would answer as follows:

Lesson #9, Female Reproductive, coding question #9: “Colpopexy ”
My answer was 0USG0ZZ; but the correct code is 0UQG0ZZ
The difference between 0USG0ZZ and 0UQG0ZZ is Root Operation Repair vs Reposition. I disagree with the given answer due to lack of information to indicate the correct root operation. The Tabular Index refers to both Repair and Reposition for Colpopexy.

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