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Common Misconceptions about Opioid Use for Pain Management

Common Misconceptions about Opioid Use for Pain Management at the End of Life Jack M. Berger, MS, MD, PhD, and Nalini Vadivelu, MD

Assignment Files
As a nurse, you encounter many opportunities to create and initiate change. Speak up whenever possible to advocate for those in need. Advocating for change and conducting research in an effort to improve patient outcomes is an important part of your role as a nurse. In this assignment, you create a communication plan as a step toward creating a platform to advocate for the resolution of problem(s) presented in the case.

Review the Ethics Cases Index of the AMA Journal of Ethics website.

Select a case from the Access to Care section that is relevant to your current role or your concentration.

Identify the primary issue or issues of the case.

Create a communication plan that will serve as a framework for ensuring issues identified in the case are acknowledged and acted upon.

Include in your communication plan:

Problem(s) presented in the case
Issue(s) identified
Why this issue is important
Impact on medical decision making
Proposed solution
Model/theory framework
Central message
Target audience
Research needed
Media outlets
Include a 30-second concise speech addressing the legislator or elected official who can influence policy that resolve the problems.

Cite a minimum of 5 scholarly articles using APA format.

Format your communication plan assignment as one of the following

infographic (if you are unfamiliar with this concept, perform an internet search to find more details)
18- to 20-slide presentation (title and reference slides do not count toward 18 to 20 required slides)
15- to 20-minute oral presentation
3-5 page paper
another format approved by your instructor
****All formats require APA formatting of citations*****

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