Customer Service: Written and Non-Verbal Communication

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Assignment 7A

Assignment Brief and Guidance

Assume you are the customer service rep for The National Cotton Council of America in their Tennessee headquarters. Your employer partnered with the publisher of the Nosy Nancy Detective series of books for young adult to sponsor the Nosy Nancy Cotton Contest, offering prizes to persons who sent in an original story of 500 words or less featuring Nosy Nancy and incorporating cotton. The prizes were:

1st – $500 gift certificate good at any Gap store in the US.

2nd – $250 gift certificate good at any Gap store in the US.

3rd – $100 gift certificate good at any Gap store in the US.

The winners were selected by the number of votes that were received by people visiting the Nosy Nancy website during the judging period, which ended August 4th of the current year. The winner of the second prize was Sally Somebody of 123 Elm Street, Orlando, FL 32805.

Compose and submit a letter using a proper business non-letterhead format (sample attached), using the real address of the NCC of America (do a web search) and your own name. In that letter, please inform Sally that she won, congratulate her, and inform her of her prize, which will be sent under separate cover in 3-4 weeks. Remember that this was a partnership with the Nosy Nancy Detective series, and include their name in the letter. And of course, be gracious and upbeat, as befits a company representative.


Assignment 7B

Assignment Brief and Guidance

Several students applied for a semester-long educational technology internship with the President of the BC Online Campus (that name and address can be found on the Broward College website). Assume you are Ms. Bertha Badnews, the President’s administrative assistant, and you have been asked to contact those applicants who were not offered an internship. 143 applied for 2 spots, making it quite competitive. It is expected this will be an annual internship.

Delivering bad news is touchy … do your best to deliver the information is as positive a tone as possible. Remember, you don’t want to discourage anyone from continuing their studies. Use the non-letterhead format attached here, and make yourself the recipient of the letter.

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