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Chapters 10 & 11 Questions

We are studying two chapters this week, 10 and 11. Answer only the Case Problems for Chapter 10, #14-21, pages 222-223. And answer only the Questions for Chapter 11, #1-9, pages 239-240. Make sure you clearly answer the question asked. (For example: ‘Will Puttkammer prevail?”) After answering the question yes or no, you MUST explain your answer. If it just asks “Decision?” do not only answer he wins, or he loses. Explain your answer. Why is that your decision? Explain your answer every time, whether an explanation is asked for or not.

Keep in mind that every Question and Case Problem is based on a real court case. There is a genuine issue that a judge needed to decide, with good arguments both ways. Your decision may not be the decision the judge made in the real trial, or on appeal. If your can clearly explain your answer, based on the information in the book, and it’s not just inaccurate, you will get at least partial credit.


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