Discussion 3 Assignment

book https://files.acrobat.com/a/preview/9ddf9ece-d6ea-439c-9d8a-a5700e915faa

No apa or mla format or coversheet , if you do cite something list book as reference.

Please answer with question than answer format. 1. question answer 2. question , answer

These questions are solely based on Chapter 5 in the Esposito book 5th edition.

1. Using the Ideological Worldview of Rivivalism on page 201, explain how the Iranian Revolution fit into that scenario.

2. Using, Egypt, Lebanon or Libya, explain how Islam was used in modern nation building.

3. Osma bin Laden and al-Qaeda symbolized a global jihah. Explain this global threat and how we have seen it manfest itself.

4. Discuss the Arab spring/Arab winter. What country was successful in instituting democratic reform and why?

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