Chapters 10 and 11

“Chapters 10 and 11”

Refer to the section marked “Discussion Questions (Evaluation)” at the back of each of the assigned chapters (Chapters 10 & 11). I have provided the Discussion Questions below, #111 and #100.

For each chapter, pick one of the discussion questions to address. Copy the question into the forum, along with your answer (see examples in Weeks 2 and 3). We are looking for a post for each chapter.
Reply to at least two fellow students with a follow-up question, comment, or a different perspective on their discussion questions.

Chapter 10 Discussion Questions: #111.What does it mean to say that a radio station is “at 101.1 on your FM dial”?

Chapter 11 Discussion Questions: #100. Two observers standing apart from one another do not see the “same” rainbow. Discuss

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