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Change management models

Change management is an important topic in today’s workforce. Organizations can no longer afford to be stagnant; therefore, the most successful organizations are constantly reinventing and improving their processes, products, and services to stay competitive in a global marketplace.

For most employees, change is difficult. Upon learning of an organizational change (e.g., restructuring), employees may demonstrate resistance for a number of different reasons, such as fear of job loss, discomfort with new responsibilities, or from the belief that the change is unnecessary.

Models include specific steps for effectively implementing change, many of which address how to increase employee buy-in and decrease resistance. For this Assignment, you will explore the concept of change management, as well as various change management models.

You also will apply a change management model to an organization of your choosing.
Submit a 3–4-page paper that addresses the following questions. Your paper should follow APA style, be double-spaced with one-inch margins, and include a title page and reference list.

  • Describe evolutionary and revolutionary organizational change. Then explain the role of change management in relation to evolutionary and revolutionary changes. In your explanation, include why change must be managed and when it is best to implement change.
  • Compare two models in terms of their application within the workplace.
  • Briefly describe a recent change in the organization you selected. Explain which model you would use to successfully manage the change, and why. Support your argument with specific examples and evidence from the literature.

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