Change management and sustainability

Essay Instructions

Essay Topic:

According to Baird and Wang (2010, p.575), “it is increasingly important for organizations to respond rapidly to changes in the environment and empowering employees represents a logical way to achieve such objectives…”. In this sense, critically discuss employee empowerment, its drivers and outcomes.

Starting Reference List

Conger, J. & Kanundo, R. (1988). The empowerment process: Integrating theory and practice. Academy of Management Review, 13(3), 471‐482.

Baird, K. & Wang, H. (2010). Employee empowerment: Extent of adoption and influential factors. Personnel Review, 39(5), 574‐599.

Note: Your essay must reference a minimum of 8 academic, peer-reviewed articles in addition to the two starting references given above (i.e. overall a minimum of 10 references).

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