Job Posting, Resume

Portfolio 1-Job Posting, Resume





  • Search for a job listing that is reflects your future career position in 5-10 years. Once you have found the listing, copy and paste the content to a word document. Highlight soft skills in yellow and hard skills in green needed for the position.


  • Draft your Resume making sure to address both key soft and hard skills needed to achieve this position. Your resume should reflect the abilities, experience and skills you will have in 5-10 years at the time you are applying for this position. As an ideal resume, you may need to build in your education or experience. You may need 2 years management experience with a company that will be helpful to your application. Or you need to complete and MBA program. You should include the length of time and location of that program into your resume.


Please keep in mind this is not a reflection of your skills and experience now, but what you will be in 5-10 years. This requires you envision and prepare for your future career and will be the foundation for all our future assignments in this class.




Last Updated on February 13, 2019