Cause and Effect Essay


Write a 5 paragraph essay explaining a Cause & Effect relationship.
In this assignment, you are asked to pick a specific cause and effect. A Cause or Effect Essay is an essay in which you write about the causes of

something or the effects of something. Essays explaining the causes of home burglaries or the effects of a good diet or a good exercise program can

often advance a personal point of view, which is, of course, an excellent reason for writing.
Your five-paragraph essay should look like this:
1. Paragraph One: Get the reader’s attention, introduce your topic and the three main points.
2. Paragraph Two: Write about the first main point and add support.
3. Paragraph Three: Write about the second main point and add support.
4. Paragraph Four: Write about the third main point and add support.
5. Paragraph Five: Summarize the entire essay and leave your reader with a good impression.
Be sure your writing contains:
• a thesis statement in which you clearly identify the cause-and-effect relationship you will explore
• an effective and logical method of organization
• well-chosen, relevant supporting evidence and examples that suit your audience and purpose
• transitions that smoothly and clearly connect your ideas
• error-free grammar, including correct pronoun-antecedent agreement
If outside resources are used, be sure to cite those sources using APA style. Paper should not include more than 20% of direct quotes from other


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Last Updated on April 25, 2020

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