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Causal Analysis Essay Paper 1

Paper #1: Causal Analysis Essay

In your first essay, you will select and then carefully analyze the causes and effects of a socially significant problem in the U.S. While you have a great deal of freedom in choosing your essay’s topic, make sure that you support any claims you make with reliable and well-incorporated evidence, that you carefully explain your points, and that you utilize the critical thinking process when conducting your research. Avoid arguing for solutions in this essay.

Also, keep in mind that you will be using this same topic for the next two essays and will be incorporating a good deal of this paper into them.

Like those in most academic audiences, your readers will be skeptical and will require proof of any assertion you make. Avoid unsupported assumptions, idle speculation, and overly-biased sources.

You will be graded on your ability to:

Create an essay that fulfills the minimum page and formatting requirements

Maintain focus on the problem, its causes, and its effects

Create an essay free of mechanical errors and informal language

Craft cohesive and well-structured paragraphs

Present reliable supporting evidence in an effective manner that avoids plagiarism by including proper quotation marks and citations

A purposeful structure in which ideas and paragraphs are logically organized and fully developed

Craft effective an introduction, thesis statement, and conclusion

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