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Case Study 3: Missed Opportunities

Read the case study titled “Missed Opportunities”, located in the online course shell.

Write a four to six (4-6) page paper in which you:
• Examine the pros and cons from the perspective of Crestview Hospital of the placement of its new billboard directly adjacent to

Briarwood Medical Center. Interpret the reaction of customers and other community stakeholders to the billboard postings.
• Use competitive marketing entry strategies to suggest the action that Briarwood Hospital should undertake to counter the messages in the

new Crestview Hospital Billboard postings.
• Recommend the marketing communication strategy or strategies that both Crestview and Briarwood Hospitals should employ. Justify why the

Governing Board of both hospitals should take a proactive role in promoting and implementing effective marketing strategies.
• Assess the value of the various marketing research tool(s) that Briarwood and Crestvie

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