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Business Model Generation

Read the book Business Model Generation by Osterwalder & Pigneur.
You will be required to hand in a maximum 5-page report with the following two key sections
1. Using the Business Model Canvas, draw and describe the business model for one of the
auto companies listed below. You will be required to submit the canvas as well as a
detailed description of each of the items on your canvas.
a. Toyota
b. Honda
c. General Motors
d. Tesla
e. Ford Motor Company
f. Volkswagen
2. Using your canvas as the basis for your discussion, describe how your company makes
money. You will be required to categorize their sales revenue, margins and
importantly, the fundamental elements of their cost structure. This will require a fair
amount of financial analysis from their published financial statements and MD&A
documents. Be sure to benchmark your discussion of their financial elements to those
of the industry.

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