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Business and Intercultural Communication

Module 1 – Case

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business and intercultural Communication

Case Assignment

Business and Intercultural Communication

The principle activity of this Case is to complete two interactive tutorials, and prepare short essays (one or two pages each) summarizing their key points.

Essay 1:  Complete the Pearson interactive tutorial, “Introduction to Business Communication.” This is referenced on the Background page as Pearson 2015a.  Write a short essay summarizing the key features of business communication, as opposed to ordinary, everyday communication.  Feel free to use short lists.  Be sure to include a reference to the tutorial (you may copy the reference from the Background page to the bibliography of your own paper).  Additionally, be sure to include a citation in the body of your paper, showing your readers where you used the tutorial.  For information about references and citations, please refer to the Writing Style Guide, found under the “My Resources” tab on the TLC Portal.

Essay 2:  Identical to Essay 1 above, but summarizing the contents of the Pearson interactive tutorial “Intercultural Communication.”  This is listed on the Background page as Pearson 2015b.

Assignment Expectations

APA Points:

According to the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association, there are three reasons why we need to use proper citations and references.

They are:

“To ensure the accuracy of scientific knowledge” (p.11). – How do we know if what you are reading is really the truth?  We can look at the citation and the reference and do further research to make sure what you are reading and what you are basing your research on is correct.

“To protect the rights and welfare of research participants” (p.11). – People deserve to get credit for their work.  When you earn a degree and go on to do research, you will want credit for the work you have published.

“To protect intellectual property rights” (p.11). – When we refer to inventions, we should give credit to the person who invented the item, trademarked the item, or developed a design. This protects their work.

A reference system also allows the reader to use the in-text citation and reference page to find out how to do further research when they find a topic of interest. It can save a lot of time.

As educated students, we should know the APA Style rules and work to perfect them.

Below are three common mistakes that cost Trident Students.  Reviewing these examples should help you improve your grade and also make future assignments easier.

APA Point 1:  Where does the period go?

The use of a period.  The period indicates the end of a sentence. However, if we put the period before the in-text citation, we are actually beginning the next sentence with the citation. Therefore, the period goes after the citation.

Another misuse of the period is putting it before the citation and another after the citation.  This is not correct. The period goes after the in-text citation.

Example:  Intercultural Communication is quite important in how we deal with individuals from different Countries and even from different neighborhoods of our cities (Pearson, 2015b). – Notice where the period is.

APA Point 2:  Do we need to use Quotation Marks?

When using information word for word from someone else’s work, quotation marks are necessary. This example illustrates the use of quoted material at the end of the sentence, followed by a citation and reference.  The reference will also include the page numbers.

Example: When we are writing a Negative Letter, there are numerous authors who recommend starting the letters with a buffer.  Remember, “Openings for negative messages are often called Buffer Beginnings because they are designed to buffer the negative message that will follow” (Bowman, 2002, p. 1).

APA Point 3:  Arranging entries on a reference list.

Once again as we dive into our Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association, we get guidance on how to arrange our references on the reference page.  “Arrange entries in alphabetical order by the surname of the first author followed by initials of the author’s given name” (p. 181).

One may ask why.  When there are two or three references, it does not make a great amount of difference. But with numerous references, it is much easier if we arrange the references by the author’s last name.  Remember, one of the purposes of a reference page is to help readers find additional information.  If there are 10 or more references listed in random order, it is difficult to find the appropriate reference. So let’s use the alphabetical ordering.

Go to any of the “Background Pages” in our Modules to see an example of a reference page.

  1. Well-organized, well-written essays covering all the topics outlined in the assignment.
  2. No errors in spelling, grammar, or syntax, and an appropriate scholarly style.  Refer to the Writing Style Guide.
  3. All sources cited and referenced in accordance with a standard citation style.  APA is preferred, but not required.  Refer to the Writing Style Guide.

Business and Intercultural Communication

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