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Annotated Bibliography – Communication Guide

Annotated Bibliography – Communication Guide

Complete an annotated bibliography for your Communication Guide, due in Week Five. Detailed directions are in the Communication Guide Presentation Instructions. (Communication Guide attached) The selected culture business comparison is the Chinese business culture and U.S. business culture.


A few tips to help you avoid mistakes I often see:

1. Double space everything
2. Annotations need to be between 100 and 150 words. If they are less than 100 words I will mark you down. If they are more than 200 words (I do give some wiggle room on the top end) I will mark you down.
3. Alphabetize your references.

Communication Guide

Week Two: Culture Selection

For Week Two, each Learning Team must choose one non-American culture to use in comparing cultural business norms to those in the United States. (CHINESE BUSINESS AND U.S. BUSINESS CULTURE)
Write a 150- to 250-word overview of what other culture your team will focus on in your Communication Guide Presentation, due in Week Five.

Week Three: Annotated Bibliography

For Week Three, each Learning Team will prepare an annotated bibliography with at least 3 sources per student from peer-reviewed journalsin preparation for the Communication Guide, due in Week Five.

See the Center for Writing Excellence for assistance with annotated bibliography format.
Create an annotated bibliography to organize your research for the Communication Guide.
Research peer-reviewed articles and researchstudies from within the last 10 years that focus on business norms in your team’s selected culture and in U.S. culture.

Select and read a minimum of 10 sources and maximum of 15 sources for the bibliography.

Write a 100- to 150-word descriptive and critical annotation summarizing and interpreting each article and describing the cultural patterns, values, morals, and beliefs. Describe the research methodology for each research study included.

Format your bibliography consistent with APA guidelines.

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