Brain Question

1. Discuss the pros and cons of psychosurgery with patients who might be violent, antisocial, or capable of criminal acts.

2. A social psychologist at the University of Pennsylvania has developed a controversial computer algorithm that supposedly detects manipulated datasets. What are some pros and cons about using a computer program to detect ethical violations in research?

3. What are some disorders that LOOK like schizophrenia?Why does each share symptoms of schizophrenia

4. What are some other treatments for depression, besides drugs? What would YOU, as a practitioner, advise?

5. When we think of addiction, we typically think of addiction to drugs and chemicals. However, people can also be addicted to behaviors or experiences. List as many types of behavioral addiction as you can, and discuss if any of those types could be potentially more damaging to a person’s life than drugs.

6. How important are genes in the creation and maintenance of drug addiction? Are children of alcoholics more susceptible to becoming alcoholics than the general population? Why? What environmental influences also play a role

Last Updated on February 10, 2019

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