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The report has 5 subtopics that must be addressed in the contents:

1. An overview of the problem/issue –

What is the problem? Where does it exist? When did it begin? What people or groups are directly involved? Specific names, dates, details are needed.

2. Different perspectives (views) about the problem –

What are the causes of the problem? Does everyone see it as a problem? Historical sources must be used to examine the facts and opinions about the problem.

3. Possible existing solutions –

How have experts / others associated with the issue suggested fixing the problem? What makes the suggestions different? Based on the background of this issue, what do you predict will happen in the future?

4. Barriers to existing solutions –

What the barriers stand in the way of fixing the problem? Based on your research, which tools or practices are the best?

5. Ways to address the barriers –

Given what you have learned, what do you think would be the best solution to the problem? What are the possible impacts?

Finally, the report must contain a correctly formatted Works Cited page containing a minimum of 5 sources of which are books / reputable articles. In order for you to cite the source, the source must be referenced in your report.

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