Betaseron and Walmart

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Business Studies

The workshop report requires students to analyze, contrast and compare ethical issues in relation to any 2 of the 4 case studies discussed in workshops 4 to 7 (teaching weeks 6 to 9)→Betaseron and Walmart
Please note that the workshop case study report is NOT a simple summary of the cases
Rather the case study reports will be evaluated in line with specific marking criteria linked to specific issues, theories and frameworks that were outlined and discussed during the workshops
This report requires students to identify key issues (including underlying issues) in the case studies and use the theories and frameworks that we have discussed in the lectures and workshops to assist in analysing these issues and support your argument(s)
Please Note: Your case study analysis also needs to include/be supported by the relevant ethical considerations, theories and approaches outlined at the end of the relevant workshop (i.e. located on the last workshop slide)
The report is further a means for you to reflect on, distil and synthesize the various teaching/learning materials and begin to draw your own ideas and conclusions from the material

Total word limit for entire Workshop Report is 1,200 words, as follows:
word limit for each workshop case study reflection = 450 words
i.e. 2 × 450 words = 900 words
word limit for the comparative analysis of the two case studies = 300 words
Please note that the word limit excludes references


All instructions are attached. There are several power point and PDF documents to aid the report. The case study preparations should also help with the content. MARKING RUBRIC AND MARK allocation are attached as well.


Nathan and Gold Coast campuses


First Name:
Last Name:
Student No.
Campus (please check the correct box):      Nathan        Gold Coast 



1.1. CASE STUDY A:  (Please insert the title of this case study here) Approx 450 words


Word count – Case study A section:


1.2. CASE STUDY B:  (Please insert the title of this case study here) Approx 450 words


Word count – Case study B section:


1.3. Compare and Contrast the 2 Case Studies: Approx 300 words

Word count – Comparative Analysis section:


Total word count for Workshop Case Study Report (i.e. for all sections):

[N.B. Total word count SHOULD NOT exceed 1200 words]




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